Ady Centre is a private members’ school that promotes well-being, fitness, personal development, and more! We teach the DeROSE Method through a combination of classes, courses, and workshops.


Discover why artists, athletes and entrepreneurs are practising the DeROSE Method to enhance their quality of life.

Increase your energy, creativity, productivity and focus. A world of new discoveries awaits you.

The DeROSE Method, established in Rio de Janeiro in 1960, is a fusion of powerful techniques  – including physical, breathing and meditation practices – and revolutionary philosophical concepts, inspired by ancient traditions and taught through a combination of classes, courses and workshops. Each and every technique or concept of the DeROSE Method is a tool, that can be applied to the creation of a better quality of life, and in service of your personal evolution.​


At Ady Centre we offer classes, courses and a multiplicity of activities that accelerates your progress, according to your interests.


Increase your strength, flexibility, muscle tone and lung capacity


Sharpen your focus, improve your concentration, deepen your self-knowledge, experience higher states of consciousness


Heighten your senses, balance your emotions; feel great.


Increase your energy, creativity and inspiration; overcome challenges and accomplish your goals


Excel in sports, discover your passions, meet new friends


Learn to nurture your relationships, to eat well, to relax and love life

When you become a member

You will enter an evolutive programme,  through which you will be personally guided by one of our experienced teachers. As you progress you will enjoy a discernible increase of vitality, strength and flexibility as your whole biological structure is developed in an integrative way.

“Practising the DeRose Method has made me discover my physical potential, and dramatically increased my energy levels.” Tatiana Kovylina

Silou London founder and former high fashion model

“The DeRose Method provides me with the balance, health and calmness I need in my busy work and family life. The true joy of the method is that each week brings new discoveries.” Tom Gash




This is where you start! Taught in small groups your instructor will customise a personalised programme to swiftly develop your strength, flexibility and power, always respecting your own rhythms.


Our global network of teachers is currently disseminating the DeRose Method in eight different languages in countries all around the world. These teachers undertake a rigorous twelve year training programme, and are evaluated and re-evaluated annually, ensuring their technical excellence. Their commitment to this philosophy, and to the transformation of the lives of others, is reflected in the quality of their teaching. Every class is unique, challenging, and rewarding.
Paulo Pacifici

Paulo discovered the DeRose Method when he was just seventeen, and knew immediately he would dedicate his future to this philosophy of life.

He trained in Brazil with the most experienced teachers, including Prof DeRose, and came to London in 2007.
In 2016 he opened the Ady Centre – DeRose Method Soho, the only accredited school in London teaching exclusively DeRose Method techniques and concepts.

Paulo works with a diversity of students and is a personal coach to a number of well-loved celebrities and top athlets.

When not working, he loves tackling challenging mountainous terrain around the world on his bike, or cooking up a storm in his vegetarian kitchen.

Follow Paulo on Instagram @paulopacifici

Emanuel Ruivo

An enthusiastic teacher of the DeRose Method for more than 10 years, Emanuel remains dedicated to his own practice which, in his own words, ‘keeps you fit and healthy, and gives you the sweetest prize of all: self-knowledge’.

His classes are always great fun yet challenging for body and mind, ‘Each class is unique because each person is different’. His intention is for his students to experience how the practice overflows from the classroom into life, to empower everything they do.

Before coming to London, Emanuel lived in São Paulo, Brazil, where he worked alongside Prof DeRose.

Emanuel loves exploring London with all its secret hidden corners, always with his notebook under his arm to entertain his many artistic skills.

Follow Manu on Instagram @manuruivo

Bruno Cordeiro (Bgolls)

The love of beauty brought Bgolls to the DeRose Method in 2010. His artistic prowess and creativity naturally paired with the techniques and concepts of the practice.

He trained in Rio de Janeiro (where the DeRose Method originated) right after graduating in graphic design and photography.

Bruno takes great joy from his work: whether teaching, training, or presenting choreographies, he feels he is always challenging students and colleagues to further their unique skills, in all areas of life, and always ‘in an aesthetic way’.

When not at Ady Centre, you can find Bruno around the Soho in search of the perfect cup of coffee, or studying dinosaurs at the National History Museum…

Follow Bgolls on Instagram @brunocordeirouk

Eleonora Corvetta
Eleonora stumbled upon the DeRose Method when she moved to London and hasn’t stopped practising since. In fact, she was so absorbed in it she naturally decided to become an instructor.
The philosophy and techniques complement Eleonora’s work as a Psychotherapist, and she has developed a coaching programme based on the the DeRose Method. She loves to teach, and to share her passion for the practice; supporting people improve their quality of life and learn things they never thought possible.
When taking some time off, you’ll find her in a park with the school’s mascot (her jackrussell – @bigbossulisse), or on a beautiful beach somewhere around the world…in paradise!

Follow Ele on Instagram @e.adygirl

Mité Campos

Teresa was instantly taken by the elegance and strength of the DeRose Method choreographies when she started practising six years ago. While completing a Masters Degree in Nutrition, she trained at the Sao Paulo head quarters, close to Prof DeRose.

As a teacher of the DeRose Method, she offers a unique contribution to her students, supplementing techniques with her invaluable nutritionist advice.

Her love for travel, sense of humour, inquisitive mind and resourcefulness make her an integral part of the Day Centre team – who would do without her contagious laughter?


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Book a visit to our school and we will give you a one-to-one assessment with our director. In an assessment, we will explore your needs and goals and put together an individualised programme for you/your development.